Lily Pad Blackman


Born - either May 31 or June 21, 2005, depending on which document you look at.  

Ran to the Rainbow Bridge- May 3, 2018. 

We adopted Lily in the spring of 2012, as a rescue, when she was almost 8 years old. Our Lily Pad gave us more joy than we could have ever imagined from such a tiny dog! She loved being "loved" and was the original "lap dog". Lily was a food driven maniac and we often joked that she would eat until she exploded. Seriously, she adored her food!  She thought car rideswere hilarious fun and was a great little traveler, regardless the distance. 

Three years ago, Lily was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation and Pulmonary Hypertension as well as congestive heart failure. With an unbelievable team of dedication and care at both Cardiology Northwest and Berry Hill Veterinary, Lily did quite well on an assortment of medications and supplements. But two weeks ago, while we were visiting our daughter and son in law in Idaho, Lily started having some concerning symptoms. Another trip to her cardiologist and an adjustment was made in her meds. Sadly, that did not effect an improvement. 

Dave and I had to face a painful decision a few days ago; although, Lily seemed to have made it for us when she began refusing most of her beloved food and would not take meds. We've spent the last few days saying goodbye to her. Yesterday we took Lily to two of her favorite places (Dairy Queen for a pup/ cone and to the high school softball field to watch her final game). Today,  we took Lily to get a hamburger at McDonalds...which she enthusiastically ate, and after that, a trip to the park. 

Lily has had many friends come and tell her goodbye, including her wonderful groomers from Mud Puppies. This evening, her very loving veterinarian came to our home to end Lily's suffering in a peaceful surrounding. 

As Lily crosses that Rainbow Bridge, I expect both Sunny and Mia are going to be waiting to meet her. Tails wagging. And, I'm sure they're going to have their paws  full explaining to Lily that she's NOT the new bridge boss! 

Run free, sweet Lily. We love you so much.