Little Loves Lost in July

Baby Miller-Haus (Cat)--Molly Huddleston (Dog)--Tucker Bennett-Rouse (Dog)--Xandel Doyle (Hamster)--Brandy Bain-Brink (Dog)--Shadow Thomas (Cat)--Parker Schwartz (Dog)--Lucy Massey (Dog)--MJ Hoogestraat (Cat)--Oly McMillin (Dog)--Suzy Clowi (Dog)--Dakota Krager (Cat)--Riley Ehrismann (Cat)--Toe Toe Wright (Cat)--Stoli Minkoff (Dog)--Bentley Barker (Cat)--Tuxedo DeRusha (Cat)--Maggie Mora (Dog)--Scagnetti Ciresi (Cat)--Gauge Turner (Dog)--Grizabella Jones (Cat)--Draven Gehrman (Cat)--Clod Beltz (Dog)--Princess Amelia Runyen (Dog)--Eddy Hoskinson (Cat)--Fiona Anderson (Dog)--Clementine Jennings (Bearded Dragon)--Chaco Kraushaar (Dog)--Diamond Teeter (Dog)--Rhoda Wallace (Dog)--Lily Chasse (Cat)--Kali Oxford (Rhesus Monkey)--Marzapie Haddock (Cat)--Elcan Tennyson-Meyer (Dog)--Mama Michels (Cat)--Fausto Razo (Guinea pig)--Lexi Spencer (Dog)--Star Opzeeland (Dog)--Piper Xiong (Dog)--Aubergine Hamlin (Dog)--Dyson Elms (Dog)--Rasta Mufassa Freeman --(Dog)--Louis Andrews (Cat)--Jessie Stone (Cat)--Elliot Allwine (Cat)--Brandy Drezen (Dog)--Zuko Babcock-Kinney (Dog)--Jack Youngblood--Molly Mae Hopkinson (Dog)--Sprite Regan (Cat)--Sadie Mowery (Dog)--Sweet Pea Greene (Dog)--Buddy Genereaux (Dog)--Ozzy Wilkinson (Dog)--Roxy Leckenby (Cat)--Bunzi Ito (Cat)--Frankie Heimowitz (Dog)--Delia Treadwell (Cat)--Scully Butterworth (Cat)--Sweet Jackie Chan Rivera (Dog)--Brusi Miller (Dog)--Budgie Werstein (Cat)--Chanel Camacho (Dog)--Jaxson Bakkum (Dog)--George Gozly (Dog)--Vito Pratt (Dog)--Duke "Dukie" Reed (Cat)--Felix Johnson (Cat)--Rosko "Pukay" Liska (Cat)--Miss Kitty Cutts (Cat)--Princess Blake (Dog)--Cinnamon "Cin Cin" Winden (Dog)--Morgan Williams (Dog)--Moe Johnson (Cat)--Abby Moody (Dog)--Hooper Phillippi--Joey Wheelon (Cat)--Zhen Weddle (Cat)--Jazz Langston (Dog)--Riley Buche (Dog)--Coco Powell (Dog)--Odell Gray (Dog)--Charlie Erikson (Dog)--Boss Hafner (Dog)--Sophie Powell (Dog)--Monkey Nguyen (Dog)--Hermes Sousa (Hedgehog)--Frannii Cava-Howlett (Cat)--Shasta Ignacio (Dog)--Lola Frank (Dog)--Parker Missman (Dog)--Kid Goss (Cat)--Lily Willard (Cat)--Chip Courtain (Dog)

Sweet Angels That Got Their Wings in June

Daisy Doodles Zeppetella (Kitty)--Rosie Lundeen (Kitty)--Muffin Reid (Kitty)--Dougal Brewster (Pup)--Kitty Camille Piette (Kitty)--Kiwi Anderson (Bunny)--Linus Saeman-Contreras (Kitty)--Broccoli Clairmont (Kitty)--Freedom Davis (Pup)--Gimpy Bailey (Kitty)--Cally-Co Regan (Kitty)--Henry Calmer (Pup)--Jessie Geller (Kitty)--Fred Hallsted (Kitty)--Peanut Cheyne (Pup)--Gracie Sergeant (Pup)--Makyha Grentz (Kitty)--Paws (Kitty)--Bella and Griffin Bloye (Kitties)--Baby Lukenovich (Kitty)--Rocky Spray (Kitty)--Little Girl Wyckoff (Kitty)--Princess Cox (Pup)--McGee Teague (Pup)--Sterling "Puppy Boy" Lawrence (Pup)--Lacitis Silgailis (Pup)--Sampson Besaw (Pup)--Rigby Cranswick (Pup)--Sabrina Periche (Kitty)--Buggs Paradis (Pup)--Grace Chiaretta (Kitty)--Luna and Gunner Gipe (Pups)--Jonah (Pup)--Schroeder Redfield (Kitty)--Cesar Allen-Evans (Pup)--Buddha Leith (Kitty)--Billy DeRose (Kitty)--Totoro Livingston (Chinchilla)--Diesel Tucker (Pup)--Sasha Williams (Pup)--Chewy Taylor (Kitty)--Marley Buchanan (Kitty)--Babe Latham (Pup)--Tanuaki Prescott (Kitty)--Rasha Borland (Pup)--Wilson Telesmanich (Pup)--Poof Hen (Pup)--Marsie Bosson (Pup)--Lily Devon (Kitty)--Pumpkin Osborn (Kitty)--Beatrice Zinder (Bunny)--Sadie Taylor (Pup)--Philbert Frank (Pup)--Sam Sanders (Guinea Pig)--Chara Robinson (Kitty)--Tabitha Griffin (Kitty)--Chyna Rustan (Kitty)--Lucy Cohen (Pup)--Tucker Clausen (Pup)--Basil Curcio (Pup)--Bob Gifford (Kitty)--Gary Woolard (Kitty)--Willie Hoopes (Pup)--Tess Hart (Pup)--Tinkerbell Shreve (Kitty)--Squeek Major (Kitty)--Vivian Cluse (Pup)--Violet Miller (Kitty)--Batman Haase (Pup)--Charger Starkey (Pup)--Bentley Hattan (Kitty)--Spock (Cow)--Kaje Janssen (Pup)--Buddy Hirte (Kitty)--Meme Keuscher (Kitty)--BW Tyler (Kitty)--Buddy Lemire (Pup)--Mr Guy Warzenski (Kitty)--Kayla Wittkop (Pup)--Joni Henning-Kirby (Pup)--Lucille Jones (Kitty)--Maybell Tolle (Pup)--Onni Struwe (Pup)--Simone Gahagan (Kitty)--Cal Gleason (Pup)--Chester Pownall (Dog)--Milo Hansen (Kitty)--Macy Wakem (Pup)--Sunny Saxman (Kitty)--Omega Pangell (Kitty)--Tiger Caldera (Kitty)

Hardest Goodbyes in May

Boo Vergara (Dog)--Sebastian Swigart (Cat)--Pumpkin Clark (Cat)--Cleo Pollanz (Cat)--Shay "Shaymus" "Boo Boo" Stoneking-Lamm (Cat)--Emma Anderson (Dog)--Rocky Obegi (Dog)--Thumper O'Neal (Bunny)--Bear and Buddy Sawtell (Dogs)--Suni Timper-Jensen(Dog)--Yogi Carby (Dog)--Lily Blackman (Cat)--Phoebe Stammer (Cat)--Kitty McComb (Cat)--Maggie McCormick (Dog)--Stormy Jones (Chicken)--Miko Kirlin (Cat)--Stoner and Charlie King (Dogs)--Otis Frank (Cat)--Oscar LaPrade (Dog)--Sally Webster (Dog)--Bella Haynes (Cat)--Jeb Brackin (Dog)--Sunshine and Tia Le (Dogs)--Lexi Faber (Dog)--Iskie Myrick (Dog)--Shyla Howard (Dog)--Daisy Duke Jacobson (Dog)--Harley Ernst (Dog)--Jovi Yash (Cat)--Lucky Stambaugh (Cat)--Kitty Miller (Cat)--Daisy (Dog)--Zeppelin "Zeppy" Johnson (Dog)--Blackberry Bradner (Bunny)--Andy Strong-Bolon (Dog)--Hannah Anderson (Dog)--Luci Keithley (Dog)--Fred McLain (Dog)--Bella Scherer (Cat)--Kitten Cruikshank (Cat)--Smokey Scorgie (Cat)--Pinky Parenti (Cat)--Milo Teeter (Cat)--Dottie "Dootie" Mowry (Dog)--Joey Anderson (Cat)--Hazel White (Cat)--Dixie Totten (Dog)--Chopper Tippett (Dog)--Estralina Sesney (Cat)--Boxer Chenoweth (Dog)--Dexter Hideghety (Dog)--Red Chambers (Dog)--Angus Booth (Cat)--Bananas Sharer (Cat)--Jack Cheese (Duck)--Bacon Farrier (Goat)--Embley Swain (Cat)--Bud Hammons (Dog)--Lucy Carlson (Hedgehog)--Baby Butters Vaughns (Cat)--Felix Chicken Woodward (Cat)--Fizzgig Cobb (Guinea Pig)--Lily McIntire (Dog)--Diesel McNabb (Dog)--Bounder Bennetts (Dog)--Wally Hoffman (Dog)--Bella McClure (Dog)--Bella Ellis (Dog)--Spike Jacob (Dog)--Tibby Gonzalez (Cat)--Nik Griess (Cat)--Leo Howard (Cat)--Grace Keathley (Cat)--Chloe Oleary (Cat)--Phoebe Butkovich (Dog)--Pandora Holecheck (Cat)--Nikki Andrews (Cat)--Jeter Cichy (Dog)--Crystabell Acord (Cat)--Hollis Hofer (Dog)--Stetson Murphy-Johnson (Cat)--Ozzy Laughridge (Dog)--Satey Wilson (Dog)--Bo Ditto (Cat)--Dizzy Agenten (Cat)--General Lee Louie (Cat)--Yoshi Estes (Lizard)--Zeek Hassebroek (Dog)

Beautiful Pets Lost in April

Tarlton Kitties-Killah Saylor(Kitty)-Felice Bowe (Kitty)-Tigger Livingston (Pup)--Shadow Ellis (Kitty)-Sakura McNabb (Pup)-Montesa Paulson (Kitty)-Helen Leonard (Kitty)-Missy White (Kitty)-Faith Sutton (Pup)-Stella Keeton (Kitty)-Harvey Petrucione (Pup)-Kong West (Pup)-Roxie Swanson (Kitty)-Kota Tran-Ngo (Pup)-Origami Fraser (Sugar Glider)-Clyde Hendrickson (Pup)-Hokie Holechek (Kitty)-Prudence Sullivan (Chicken)-Tanks Roberts (Pup)-Sampson Andrade (Bird)-Amber Brown (Kitty)-Brownie McNamee (Pup)-Deuce White (Pup)-Rocket Caruba Brady (Kitty)-Ellie Dickinson (Kitty)-Dinky Doodle Kahindi (Pup)-Kiki Seavy (Kitty)-Cece Nuffer (Kitty)-Zero Dehart (Pup)-Roxy Woodruff (Pup)-Reilly Koller (Pup)-Chase Van Cleave (Kitty)-Nina Dronkers (Pup)-Henri Sue Pearce (Kitty)-Emma Knutson (Pup)-Kiska Mattson (Kitty)-Mia Jones (Pup)-Rocky Rich (Pup)-Jack Underwood (Pup)-Salem Horn (Pup)-Kiwi Chambers (Bird)-Georgie Black (Kitty)-Miles Nichols (Pup)-Otis Sampson (Kitty)-Domino (Pup)-Fluffy Tian (Pup)-Rocky Rood (Pup)-Gouchie Ahlgren (Pup)-Yuki "Poopy Butt" James (Kitty)-Shaide Speed (Pup)-Blue Bird (Bird)-Thane Jackson (Bearded Dragon)-Daisy Brown (Pup)-Sassy Bridges (Pup)-Little Miss Mitra (Kitty)-Rufus Durand (Pup)-Zuzu Wilson (Pup)-Kenai Braden (Pup)-Remmy Castro (Pup)-Scout Skellenger (Pup)-Dino Faber (Pup)-Dizzy Lavalley-Jones (Kitty)-Ozzy Navratil (Kitty)-Cedar Adams (Rabbit)-Shimil Anderson (Pup)-Hollister Badley (Pup)-Hinata Edwards (Kitty)-Levi Strange (Pup)-Otis Sixkiller (Pup)-Beijing Riley (Kitty)-Parker Jude Fitzgerald (Pup)


Lily Pad Blackman


Born - either May 31 or June 21, 2005, depending on which document you look at.  

Ran to the Rainbow Bridge- May 3, 2018. 

We adopted Lily in the spring of 2012, as a rescue, when she was almost 8 years old. Our Lily Pad gave us more joy than we could have ever imagined from such a tiny dog! She loved being "loved" and was the original "lap dog". Lily was a food driven maniac and we often joked that she would eat until she exploded. Seriously, she adored her food!  She thought car rideswere hilarious fun and was a great little traveler, regardless the distance. 

Three years ago, Lily was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation and Pulmonary Hypertension as well as congestive heart failure. With an unbelievable team of dedication and care at both Cardiology Northwest and Berry Hill Veterinary, Lily did quite well on an assortment of medications and supplements. But two weeks ago, while we were visiting our daughter and son in law in Idaho, Lily started having some concerning symptoms. Another trip to her cardiologist and an adjustment was made in her meds. Sadly, that did not effect an improvement. 

Dave and I had to face a painful decision a few days ago; although, Lily seemed to have made it for us when she began refusing most of her beloved food and would not take meds. We've spent the last few days saying goodbye to her. Yesterday we took Lily to two of her favorite places (Dairy Queen for a pup/ cone and to the high school softball field to watch her final game). Today,  we took Lily to get a hamburger at McDonalds...which she enthusiastically ate, and after that, a trip to the park. 

Lily has had many friends come and tell her goodbye, including her wonderful groomers from Mud Puppies. This evening, her very loving veterinarian came to our home to end Lily's suffering in a peaceful surrounding. 

As Lily crosses that Rainbow Bridge, I expect both Sunny and Mia are going to be waiting to meet her. Tails wagging. And, I'm sure they're going to have their paws  full explaining to Lily that she's NOT the new bridge boss! 

Run free, sweet Lily. We love you so much. 



Pets We Said Goodbye to In March

Tanker Moore (Dog)--Higgins Richard (Dog)-- Dory Leslie (Dog)--Luke "Cage" Horton (Dog)--Sidney Paulson (Cat)--Lucius Quarterman (Cat)--Booty (Chinchilla)--Simon "Meemo" Sutherland (Dog)--Maya Kirkpatrick (Cat)--Lewis Mantooth (Dog)--Barney Berg (Dog)--Abby Wheeler (Cat)--Chunk Hallberg (Dog)--Sable "Ratty" Tidwell (Dog)--Meagan Cox (Dog)--Moe Evers (Cat)--Marty Smith (Dog)--Cisco Kid Burr (Dog)-- Zeus Martin (Dog)--Haleigh Bissett (Cat)--Reginald Andre (Snake)--Buffy Holechek (Cat)--Monty Zeider (Dog)--Gucci Pederson (Rat)--Daya Storms (Dog)--Flynn Brekke (Dog)--Bogey Dyer (Dog)--Figaro Adcox (Cat)--Cocoa McComish (Cat)--Sienna Butler (Dog)--Franklin Pickles Pettigrew (Cat)--Bear Shelley (Dog)--Sam Waer (Dog)--Asher Rogers (Dog)--Pedals Paulson (Cat)--Teeka Morlan (Dog)--Kira Markham (Dog)--Claudia Smith (Cat)--Justice Cole (Dog)--Connor Keylock (Dog)--Einstein Hoover (Hamster)--Rice Hong (Dog)--Thumper Lovejoy (Bunny)--Mae Sauer (Cat)--Koko Stowe (Dog)--Chester Seeley (Dog)--Mimzy Hodgkinson (Dog)--Reuben Novotny (Dog)--Pepe "Monkey Meat" Vefik (Dog)--Happy Jack Raymond (Dog)--Old Miss Beemer (Cat)--Winston Inama (Rat)--Boxer Barlow (Dog)--Max Lee (Dog)--Anna Bowers (Dog)--Tazzie Ross (Dog)--Sasha English (Dog)--Phoebe "Beebers" Villines (Dog)--Greta Lalach (Goat)--Keely Basden (Dog)--Daisy Davis (Dog)--Jax Murray (Dog)--Wink Bennett (Cat)--Billy Burlingame (Dog)--Kenai Fields (Dog)--Hamilton De Leon Borrayo (Dog)--Stoli Buckspan (Dog)--Pippin McEvers (Dog)--Hendrixx "Henni" Badley (Dog)--Gidget "Gidget The Midget" Triplet (Dog)--Kane Weaver-Murphy (Dog)--Katie Duckworth (Dog)--Fifi Ballentine (Dog)--Tarlton Kitties--Circe De Oliveira (Dog)--Chester Williams (Cat)--Mimi Blackmore (Dog)--Frodo "Little Gentleman" Villines (Dog)--Scooter Penton (Dog)--Zara "Sweetness Cahill (Dog)--Obi McLaughlin (Dog) 

Loved Ones Lost in February

Neo Caldwell (Kitty)--Bentley Terry (Pup)--Roo Feltman (Pup)--Gina Edwards (Pup)--Everest Nason--Oscar Hendrickson (Pup)--Sissy Cat Zeider (Kitty)--Sammy Lucius (Pup)--Penny Williams--Anthony Vanderlught--Mater Cristofaro (Pup)--Smokie Palmer (Kitty)--Nellie Allran (Pup)--Rosie Long (Pup)--Sugar (Kitty)--Gretchen Webber (Pup)--Lulu Miller (Pup)--Foxy Miranda (Pup)--Irish Gilbert-Loput (Kitty)--Lennox Adams (Rat)--Billy Bob Neufeldt (Pup)--Roy Haworth (Pup)--Sophie (Kitty)--Mow Mow Jones (Kitty)--Tom Tom Degner (Kitty)--Cali Warner (Pup)--Toffee Sopjef--Bozlee Henderson (Kitty)--Gammi (Kitty)--Bailey Kleut (Pup)--Pukey Frank (Kitty)--Chloe Boas--Ruby Ellis-Robb (Pup)--Daisy Macomber (Pup)--Abby Adams (Pup)--Minlay Gibb (Pup)--George Harvey (Pup)--Katie Hoffner (Pup)--Reilly Skinner (Pup)--Bacon Dodd (Pup)--Radar Carey (Pup)--Sparky Miranda (Kitty)--Barnaby (Pup)--Miu Miu Ohkawa (Kitty)--Violet Hahn (Pup)--Cody Loynachan (Pup)--Caesar Post (Pup)--Rambo Kirkwood (Pup)--George Sixkiller (Kitty)--Blondie Craft (Pup)--Hemi Robanske (Guinea Pig)--Joey Aney-Dakin (Pup)--Sierra Harvey (Pup)--Sam Skoczylas (Kitty)--Reptar "Butthead" Wilson (Bearded Dragon)--Lily Kitty Monster Moultrie (Kitty)--Keek Moeckel (Kitty)--Lulu McCallum (Pup)--Buddy Poe (Pup)--Angel Tubbs (Pup)--Shasta McDonald (Pup)--Luke Barnett (Pup)--Trip Grieser (Pup)--Sky Berragan (Pup)--Bullwinkle Dillon (Pup)--Smickey Yi (Pup)--Indica "Indie" Brown (Pup)--Baby Paco Keller (Pup)--Cunnicula (Bunny)--Lucy, Fred, and Ethel Prucha (Rats)--Bumble Bee Bennett (Pup)--Maggie Princess Magyeur Schmidt (Pup)--Kocoa Fullmer (Pup)--Charlie Lieber (Pup)--Maggie Wheeler (Kitty)--Bobina Smith (Kitty)--Buggy Olsen (Kitty)--Taco Lowells (Pup)

Precious Lives Lost in January

Phoebe Gray (Cat)--Lulu Davidson (Dog)--Chance McElroy (Dog)--Roxy Vonbergen (Dog)--Kerby Matze (Dog)--Taz Dunn (Dog)--Annie Markham (Cat)--Mugan Hornocker (Dog)--Pomiki Hen (Dog)--Harley Tolstead (Dog)--Herman "The Monster" Eckler (Rabbit)--Miss Bitty "Bitty Bit" Shibles (Cat)--Morgan Miller (Dog)--Harvey DeLong (Hamster)--Cookie Beaupre (Dog)--Tinkerbell Kahindi (Dog)--Remington Lydy (Dog)--Rakun Kukla (Dog)--Molly Haworth (Dog)--River Glenn (Dog)--Kicker Illa (Cat)--Hikaru Chen (Cat)--Cosmo Webb (Cat)--Lilu Winborne (Dog)--Snuffy Walker (Rat)--Turk Huntley (Dog)--Pumpkin Rose (Cat)--Mr. Tottles Johnston (Rabbit)--Bebe Dunn (Dog)--Shyla Barber (Cat)--Tracker Martin (Cat)--Abigail Mainwood (Cat)--Baxter Ziettlow (Rabbit)--Dozer Lietz (Dog)--Jake Scheu (Dog)--Sunshine Preece (Cat)--Bobo Acres (Dog)--Ruby Sprague (Dog)--Lulu Weigand (Cat)--Teddy Crider (Dog)--Chance Duffy (Cat)--Roscoe Cowgill (Dog)--Sarah Hunter (Dog)--Moose Reynolds (Dog)--Pouncer Bowen (Cat)--Shakespeare VonAllmen (Cat)--Ruby Irwin (Cat)--Olive Erickson--Bailey Smalley (Dog)--Alphonse Dorsey (Cat)--Tabby Gideon (Cat)--Buddy Weiss (Cat)--Wilson "Bubba" Carmichael (Dog)--Tinkerbell Leonard (Cat)--Robot Maiden (Dog)--Mia Decker--Brittany Gepford (Dog)--Stellas Spirit Metzer (Dog)--Baby Huey Cole (Dog)--Shady Ruch (Dog)--Molly Rose Rainey (Dog)--Brother Bear Deskin (Cat)--Charlie Green (Dog)--Pebbles Lieby (Dog)--Gracie Woloschule (Cat)--Laddie Gold (Dog)--Mazda Bolan (Dog)--Lola Adams (Cat)--Lucky Gordon (Dog)--Niki Dobbertin (Dog)--Lilah Smith (Cat)--Banjo Thompson (Cat)--Frankie Anderson (Dog)--Lucy Mathison (Dog)--Squeaky Henley (Dog)--Sophie Swerdlik (Cat)--Shyanne Barns (Dog)  Max Hundsdorfer (Dog)--Pauz Duffy (Cat)--Maggie Barr (Dog)--Ryder Greene (Dog)

The Hardest Goodbyes in December

Stormy Winton (Kitty)--Stardust Baker (Kitty)--Nyah Dodge (Kitty)--Hannah Andersen (Kitty)--Lily Baarson (Pup)--Peaches Augello (Bunny)--BB Brewer (Pup)--BeeGee Jewell (Pup)--Roxy Smith (Pup)--Tanner "Tan Man" DePue (Pup)--Stella Koenig (Pup)--Mama Kitty Bhimaca (Kitty)--Yipper Gibson (Pup)--Missy Lloyd (Kitty)--Gus Hanni (Pup)--Professor Gonzo Palomique-Howard (Pup)--Decker Rigby (Kitty)--Luther Atkinson (Pup)--Wilson Inama (Rat)--Buddy Dunagan (Pup)--Monique Richmond (Pup)--Nikki Coyne (Pup)--Katie Jamison (Kitty)--Shilo Shaffer (Kitty)--Bear Moon Douglas (Pup)--Bella Mori (Kitty)--Spaz Plaxton (Kitty)--Meena Bauer (kitty)--Antonio Banderas Lopes (Kitty)--Sahale Norton (Pup)--Red Mark (Kitty)--Kelly Wallis (Kitty)--CT Meier (Kitty)--Tiger Lily Tyler (Kitty)--Terri Hosinski (Pup)--Storm, Blaze, and Charlie Genetiano (Guinea Pigs and a Rat)--Pagoda and Max Reed (Rat Brothers)--Coco Battig (Pup)--Emily Lambert (Kitty)--Crookhead Brown (Kitty)--Copeland Eckis (Pup)--Kiss Martin (Pup)--Lilly McGaw (Pup)--Bugsy Vincent (Pup)--Nani Waimaka Nishida (Pup)--Piper Priddy (Pup)--Zodi (Pup)--Princess Farrier (pup)--Catkin Liang (Kitty)--Sadie Chenoweth (Pup)--Sloan Tubbs (Pup)--Missy Lee Williams (Pup)--Lilly Livingston (Pup)--Oreo Daniels (Guinea Pig)--Sylvia Poulsen (Kitty)--Dale Rosenthal (Pup)--Koda Sheppard (Pup)--Simba "Sue" Frailey (Kitty)--Paris Wagner (Kitty)--Misha Flores (Pup)--Anubis Nedea (Kitty)--Grizzly Boland (Pup)--Momo Williams (Kitty)--Marco Barnes (Kitty)--Purr Casteman (Kitty)--Cardigan Sabado (Pup)--Pi "Mr. Pi" Jones (Kitty)--Maggie Kraft (Pup)--Blackie Ham (Pup)--Princess "Dishy" Ralston (Kitty)--Jack Hoke (Kitty)--Nubit McClean (Kitty)--Frijol Leos (Pup)--Max Brennan (Bunny)--Minni "Minni Man" Vanderpool (Kitty)--Chester "Nut" Coomes (Pup)--Daisy Barnett (Pup)-- Lulu Weigand (Kitty)--Bailey Tippett (Pup)--Little Monster Blasidell (pup)

Beloved Pets We Lost In November

Pippie Faymonville-Royer (Rat)--Bro Liddycoat (Cat)--Roman Adams (Rat)--Taylor Perkins (Bird)--Ms. Rita Maccini (Cat)--Missy Volkman (Dog)--Church Winton (Dog)--Samuel L Jackson "Mr. Baby" Pruden (Dog)--Boo Radley Tilton-Kimball (Dog)--Zoe Daly (Dog)--Pearl Burgueno (Dog)--Shotgun McVay (Dog)--Harvey McYam (Cat)--Ginger Meadows (Cat)--Sierra Packard Cat)--Mickey Im (Dog)--Bambi-Ann Woodward (Cat)--Ollie Kleckner (Dog)--Missy Ramey (Dog)--Tuppy Freeman (Dog)--Bear Rogers (Dog)--Zoe Ash (Dog)--Pheeby Minogue (Dog)--Elliot Eustice (Dog)--Blitz Farrell (Dog)--Nermal Harper (Cat)--Malikigh (Dog)--RJ Heyman (Dog)--Thunder Kelley (Dog)--Daisy Roberts (Cat)--Koda Martin (Dog)--Charlie Dorris (Cat)--Robo "Bo" Kopp (Dog)--Jamila Kosman (Dog)--Mama Kitty Turner (Cat)--Lucy "Lu" Greyhound Pet Adoption NW (Dog)--Grace Cloyes (Cat)--Jasmine Benner (Dog)--Giada Rife (Dog)--Bay Bay Bias (Dog)--Bentley Gogol (Dog)--Diesel Winkler (Dog)--Hook Anderson--Tucker Vantassel (Dog)--Maggie Christiansen--Whinnie Sullivan--Jake Karns (Dog)--Ellie Nusser (Dog)--Abbie Andrews-Jossaume (Dog)--Quincy Lindsey (Cat)--Katie Munson (Cat)--Tucker Terrill (Dog)--Dudley and Nico Dawson (Brothers)--McDuff Williams (Dog)--Lucy Tackett (Dog)--Jaffa Rasmussen (Dog)--Cooper Reid (Cat)--Lucy Brack (Dog)--Raj Velu (Dog)--Vaughn Nicol (Cat)--Bode Egleston (Dog)--Molly Caramella (Dog)--Theola La Tocha (Cat)--Cletus Guthrie (Cat)--Rainey Accuardi-Wilson (Cat)